Terms & Conditions

Signing up for a game makes you responsible for that slot. If it happens that you can't make it to the reserved game, please be sure to leave the game as soon as you can so that an alternate can fill in for you. You must abandon the game on the sign-up application at least 3 HOURS BEFORE kick-off. Failure to do so will result in you owing your match fee. ($500)

As a sub, you must be available to check your email or the sign-up application at least 3 hours before the start of the game you are a sub for. If this is not possible you must take yourself off of the subs list. Otherwise, if you move up from the subs list to the game at least three hours before the game and do not show up, you are responsible for the game fee.

We highly discourage signing up for more than 1 game as a sub on the same day/schedule. If you are a sub for 2 games that start at the SAME TIME, you are responsible for taking yourself off the sub-list of one game if you move off the subs list into the other game. This rule also applies to if you are a sub for multiple games on one day but only wish to play one of them. If you end up making it to 2 games and fail to drop out of one of them, you will be responsible for paying both game fees.

Please only sign up for games you fully intend to play in! Do not sign up for multiple games in order to choose later in the week whether or not you wish to actually play. This creates confusion and extra work for us and often results in us being short of players come match-day. SAME DAY DROPS ARE HIGHLY DISCOURAGED!

Please treat it responsibility so we can better assist you.We understand that the sign up process and the substitute list gives you flexibility and we're happy to aid with that.

Cancelling games is not very common. About 97% of BAFA games are played. We do consider that there are external that influences our games and some cancellations may happen. In that case we will keep you informed throughout the day so you can plan accordingly.
Each game needs to have a minimum amount of players on the day in order to be viable.

If a game is not viable, it will be canceled and you will receive a notification at least 1.5hrs before kick-off and will not be charged. If the game you are signed up to play has few amount of players signed up, we ask to please do not drop the game. We are working hard to find players for your match and if more people drop, the less possible it is for us to help you play your game.

Our rain-policy is that we only cancel games if there is heavy rain, dangerous conditions for the players or the fields are unplayable. Fields usually drain quite fast but depending on how constant & heavy the rain is sometimes they can be flooded. In this case, we will keep you updated throughout the day but if you don’t get any cancellation email or notification that means that the game is on.

We will contact you several ways in the case your game is cancelled. You will receive an email to the email listed on your BAFA account as well as see comments within your game and notifications on the Facebook group. We make it as obvious as possible if a game is cancelled. We do not want you showing up without a game as much as you don't. So if you don't hear anything- we are playing!
When you sign up to a BAFA Game, you immediately become part of the BAFA Community, or how we like to call it the BAFA Family. Other than the sign up rules & game rules there are a couple of other things that we expect from you.

Please show up on time. This is not only to be considerate with the rest of the players that signed up but it will also help us provide a full 1hr game.

Even though we can be flexible in terms of payments, there is a limit on how much of an outstanding debt you can have. If you owe up to 2 games, you have to cancel the debt to be able to play on your next game. If not, unfortunately, you won’t be allowed to play

Respect other players & Game Coordinators.

All levels welcome. Understand that not everyone at BAFA plays like Messi or comes to play the World Cup Final. We are proud to provide a space for all people to feel welcome no matter their playing skills. This means that the level & competitiveness of the games will usually vary.

Games are for people ages 18+. If you are younger and want to sign up to a game, please get in touch with us.

United in Diversity. BAFA is an inclusive community connecting people through football. We welcome all-comers of the world to spread the spirit that embodies BAFA, both on and off the field. Respect and embrace this.

Every month we choose 2 players as “Players of the Month”. These are players that live up to “The BAFA Way”. Find out what it takes to become one in our BAFA Third Half post.

By signing up for BAFA games and events, you are consenting to the use (full or part) of all videos or photos taken of you and/or recordings made of your voice, (full or in part) for the purposes of any BAFA visual content or publications about BAFA.
No slide tackles
Rough playing s not tolerated
Goalkeepers may not throw the ball over the halfway line. A thrown ball may cross the line only if before crossing it bounces or touches another player.    
When the ball crosses the sideline it will re-enterby foot, not by throw-in
Goalkeepers should kick out of the hand.                            
Players may not shoot from their own half.
If the ball hits the roof it will re-enter the pitch by foot, from the sidelines at the halfway-line.    
All free-kicks are indirect
Goalkeepers may not pick up the ball if it has been passed to them by a fellow team-member.    
As a BAFA staff we strive to:
Make sure games are filled
Be there on time
Provide clean bibs
Set up teams
Game time is at least 1 hour but might be more or less depending on venue/day/time.

The BAFA Staff is all ears and is open to discussing any issue and listening to feedback so if there is something you are not fully happy with, we appreciate your feedback!

By creating an account and attending to BAFA games & events, you certify that you have no known medical or other conditions that could interfere with your participation. By signing up and playing with our group, you have agreed to play on these terms.

This agreement releases BAFA from all liability relating to injuries that may occur during games and events. By signing up, I agree to hold BAFA entirely free from any liability, including financial responsibility for injuries incurred, regardless of whether injuries are caused by negligence.

I also acknowledge the risks involved in this activity. I will also make every effort to obey safety precautions as listed in writing and as explained to me verbally. I will ask for clarification when needed.

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