How do I sign up to play?
It is very easy to join the FC BAFA community. Register yourself on the site by clicking on the "Create an Account" button (it's quick and easy). Once registered, go to the "Games" section to see the available games for that week. There you'll see maps of the pitch locations & times of games. Choose the game(s) you'd prefer to play in, and sign yourself up with the blue button at the bottom that says JOIN THE GAME. That's about it!

Should any game that you wish to play in be full, you can sign up as a substitute and should enough players drop from the game, you will receive an email letting you know that you have been promoted to play in the game.

So that means that no, substitues are not expected to come to the fields, they are in a waiting list for the game. 

Where are the games played?
You can find the map of the location of each game next to the sign up list.

How do I find the field and identify BAFA Staff?
You can ask at the front desk of the fields where BAFA is playing and they will indicate the number of fields where we are. You can also look for the orange bibs with the BAFA logo on them. We also hang a white board with team lists outside of the field we are playing at for you to be able to know who you are playing with. A BAFA Staff member will always be there to welcome you to the game. 

How long does a game last?
1 hour

Is there a subscription fee?
There is no subscription fee - players are expected to pay their shared part of the pitch of the game they are signed up for.

How much does it cost to play?
Each game is AR$500 pesos.

How can I pay for my game?
You can either pay in cash on the field or through PayPal online.  If you want to save money, you can buy a GamePack of 3, 5, or 10 games where the more you play, the less you pay.  All the infomration you need for paying with PayPal can be found at www.fcbafa.com/shop.  Otherwise, please make sure to connect with the game coordinator when you arrive at the pitch in order to pay with cash.

Will I be penalized if I drop my game?
The short answer is no.  HOWEVER, if you drop your game THREE hours before the start time of the game you signed up for, we will have to charge you the cost of the game pesos. The purpose is that we have a good idea of how many people are coming to the game in a timely manner so that we can fill in the necessary spots and make sure all of the games are complete.  This way we can make sure everyone is happy and can enjoy their game.

What is the level of play at BAFA?
The levels of play at BAFA vary from game to game. All levels welcome.

Are all games open for women?
All games are open for women, you need to consider that if they are not specifically Women's Games or Co-ed/Mixto Games, they tend to be more competitive and phyisical. 

The Co-ed/Mixto Games which are open to both Men & Women, can be competitive but they tend do be more "light-hearted". 

Can I bring a guest to the game without creating another profile?
Of course! You can either contact us at play@fcbafa.com.ar or put a message in the message board on your game and we will add your friend(s) as a guest on the game.

What type of shoes should I bring to play at the game?
We play on artificial turf so the best type of shoes to wear are indoor football turf shoes/boots. Otherwise, running or tennis shoes work fine. Any type of shoes work, really, but we recommend without studs and something comfortable for sports.

Where can I buy football shoes?
Unfortunately boots don't come cheap here, the best you can do as far as we know is either by searching on Mercado Libre online or going to the outlet stores that are around Av. Cordoba & Scalabrini Ortiz. There is a Nike, Adidas & Puma store there, as well as a few other sports shops selling a variety of brands.
Otherwise, you can try the neighbourhood of Once or any of the big mall's, Abasto, Alto Palermo or Alcorta shopping.

How can I receive upcoming tournament information?
In order to stay up to date with all of our tournament information, you can sign up to be contacted via email off of our Facebook.  It’s very easy!  Just go to this link (http://bit.ly/1TG0PLw), enter your name and email, and confirm the email sent to you.  Then as soon as we have any news about an upcoming tournament, everyone who subscribed will be the first to know.

Do I need a team to join a tournament?
No!  With every tournament we offer “Team Finder.” In other words, all of the people who want to play in the tournament but don’t have a complete team are put together on the same team.This page is under construction.
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