El Predio Juan Ramirez de Velasco 1040 | Sunday 5 Mar, 2017 | 2-6 pm | $1200 per team, pay for food before to save!
(This event is no longer available)

Get together the guys and gals to compete and enjoy an afternoon on the football field! Sun, friends, asado and BAFA! What else could you want?!

8 players max, 3 girls minimum on the field
5 teams total
1 hour guarunteed of football
ARS $1200 per team
Starting at 2:30 pm and ending at 6 pm!  Please arrive at 2 to pay, warm-up and get organized!

Eat delicious and save by buying your food ahead of time!   A pre-paid bondiola is $40 pesos and a pre-paid choripan is $20 pesos.  On the day, a bondiola will be sold for $50 pesos and a choripan for $30 pesos.  Buy now and save money! You know you're going to eat!

See you on the field!

Contact or to sign up your team!


Tournament format:                                   
→ 1 group of 5 teams, everyone plays everyone in their group.                                    
→ Top 4 teams in each group advance to semi-final.                                   
Game duration:                                   
→ Each game is 15 minutes without halftime.                                 
In case of a tie:                                    
→ In case of tie in group phase, victory will be decided as follows:                                    
    1. Goal differential in general                                    
    2. Best attack                                    
    3. Game result                                    
    4. 3 penalties per team                                    
→ Final: 3 penalties per team.                                    
On the field
→Three girls must be on the field at all times.                                    
→ Yellow card → suspended for 2 minutes during the game without sub.                                     
→ Tarjeta roja → suspended for rest of the game. In some cases can be suspended for various games.
→ There are no slide tackles allowed.  Only goalies can if only they are playing the ball and not the player.
→ All free kicks are indirect.                                   
→ Penalties are taken standing, there is no running up to the ball.                                   
→ Goalies cannot pick up the ball if it was passed to them by foot by a member of their team.
→ Throw-ins are kicked not thrown.                                
→ Goalies cannot throw past midfield.  It can only pass midfield if it has touched another player or bounced before half line.                                  
→ Goal kicks must thrown.                                    
→ Goals can only be scored after the midfield line unless it touches another player                                 
→ The tournament is to have fun with players from all levels. Even though we hope the games are competitive, we also hope that there is a mutual respect between players and of course to the referees!                
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