BAFA MIXTOrneo - March 2021
El Predio - Juan Ramirez de Velasco 1040 | Sunday 14 Mar, 2021 | 3pm-7pm | $5950 per team
(This event is no longer available)
The BAFA MIXTOrneo of is back! After a long wait, On the summer edition, we are back with our classic co-ed tournament. 

The tournament will consist of 6 teams, all playing against each other. There will be prizes and food afterwards to get know each other and share a beer! What better way of spending the last Sunday of the summer?

Don't miss out!

To register your team send us an email to!
If you want to join a team or are looking for players to complete your team, you can post on our Facebook forum and we can help you out.

Prizes: Cup, BAFA Champions merchandising, beers, food and more. We will also have prizes for top scorer, buena onda player.

Tournament format:                                
→ 6 teams, all playing against each other.                                    
→ Top 2 teams in each group advance to final.
→ 5-a-side games. As there should always be a minimum of 2 girls on the field, we recommend to have at least 3 girls and 4 boys on your team.                              
Game duration:                                   
→ Each game is 15 minutes without halftime.                                 
In case of a tie:                              
→ In case of tie in group phase, victory will be decided as follows:                                    
    1. Goal differential in general                                    
    2. Best attack                                    
    3. Game result                                    
    4. 3 penalties per team                                    
→ Final: 3 penalties per team.                                    
On the field
→Two girls must be on the field at all times.                                    
→ Yellow card → warning.                                     
→ Red card → suspended for rest of the game. In some cases can be suspended for various games.
→ There are no slide tackles allowed.  Only goalies can if only they are playing the ball and not the player.
→ All free kicks are indirect.                                   
→ Penalties are taken standing, there is no running up to the ball.                                   
→ Goalies cannot pick up the ball if it was passed to them by foot by a member of their team.
→ Throw-ins are kicked not thrown.                                
→ Goalies cannot throw past midfield.  It can only pass midfield if it has touched another player or bounced before half line.                                  
→ Goal kicks must thrown.                                    
→ Goals can only be scored after the midfield line unless it touches another player                                 
→ The tournament is to have fun with players from all levels. Even though we hope the games are competitive, we also hope that there is a mutual respect between players and of course to the referees!  
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