BAFA Cup of Nations - November 2017
Fútbol Madero R de Dellepiane 340 | Sunday 26 Nov, 2017 | 2.30pm-8pm | $1860
(This event is no longer available)
It is the 10th edition of the so acclaimed BAFA Cup of Nations. Teams representing countries from all over the world gather to compete to see which nation will be taking the cup home. This is a chance to represent your country on the football field and show what you've got. Argentina won the 2017 winter edition, will another nation be able to defeat the local team? 

To sign up your team send us an email to

- 16 Teams
- 8 players max per team, 2 foreigners max per team
- Please arrive at 2:30.  The final will end at 8:00 p.m.
- Fútbol Madero R de Dellepiane 340 next to the casino
- $1860/team

Tournament Format
→  There will be 16 teams total
→  4 groups of 4 teams with all teams in each group playing each other.
→  The first and second place in each team qualify to the quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final. 

Game duration
→  All games are 20 minutes

In case of a tie
→  In case of a classification tie in group phase, we will take into account:
                1. Goal differential
                2. Most goals for
                3. The result of the game
                4. Three penalties per team

On the field
→  Yellow card: warning. 
→  Red card: suspended for the remainder of the match without substitution. In extreme cases for multiple games or the whole tournament.
→  There are no slide tackles allowed.  The only exception is goalkeepers if and only if they have the intention of winning the ball inside the box.
→  All free-kicks are indirect.
→  All penalty kicks are taken without a running approach to the ball.
→  Goalkeepers cannot pick up the ball wih their hands if it was intentionally passed to them by their teammmate.
→  If the ball goes out of bounds on the sides, the ball is kicked back into play- not thrown.
→  Goalkeepers cannot throw the ball past midfield.  It must bounce before midfield if thrown by hand.
→ Goal kicks are taken with the foot.
→ Goals do not count if they were kicked behind midfield and go into the net without touching anyone else.
→ This tournament is an open event to all players and is meant to be an enjoyable experience.  We hope the games are competitive but respectable to players on the field and of course the referees!
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