Sunday 19 Sep, 2021


  • BAFA Men's Tournament - September 2021

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You weren't able to sign up to the last edition or are looking for a rematch? Sign up to the September edition of the BAFA one-day Tournament! To register your team email! Prizes: The winners will receive a trophy, BAFA Champions...

Friday 6 Aug, 2021

  • Survey

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¡Hola! Estamos trabajando para mejorar tu experiencia. Ayúdanos completando esta breve encuesta. No te llevará más...

Sunday 1 Aug, 2021


  • BAFA Men's Tournament - August 2021

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BAFA Tournaments are back! We know you've been craving some competitive football and you want to satisfy that...

Sunday 21 Mar, 2021


  • BAFA Men's Tournament - March 2021

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And we are back for the first tournament of the season! Dust out your competitive boots and gather your friends for a...

Sunday 14 Mar, 2021


  • BAFA MIXTOrneo - March 2021

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The BAFA MIXTOrneo of is back! After a long wait, On the summer edition, we are back with our classic co-ed...

Sunday 10 Feb, 2019


  • BAFA MIXTOrneo - February 2019

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The first MIXTOrneo of 2019 is here! On the summer edition, Los Linces won the tournament with the best score in...

Monday 19 Nov, 2018

1 pm - 6 pm

  • Cup of Nations: November 19, 2018

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The 12th edition of the BAFA Cup of Nations is here! This is the chance to represent your country on the field....

Sunday 4 Nov, 2018


  • BAFA MIXTOrneo - November 2018

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What a great time we had in the last MIXTorneo, it was awesome! And now we are back with another one for you to...

Sunday 9 Sep, 2018


  • BAFA MIXTOrneo - September 2018

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BAFA Goodbye Winter Co-ed tourney! We're saying goodbye to Winter in the only way we know, with a tournament...

Sunday 3 Jun, 2018


  • BAFA Cup of Nations - June 2018

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Great Britain, USA, Perú, Colombia, Argentina, France and Denmark have won the cup before. The 11th edition of the...

Sunday 20 May, 2018


  • BAFA MIXTOrneo - May 2018

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It's time to get your friends together for the May BAFA MIXTOrneo edition! Other than a fun filled day, good games...

Sunday 21 Jan, 2018


  • BAFA Summer Cup

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The first BAFA tournament of 2018 has arrived!  We hope you are having a great start to the year and looking...

Sunday 26 Nov, 2017


  • BAFA Cup of Nations - November 2017

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It is the 10th edition of the so acclaimed BAFA Cup of Nations. Teams representing countries from all over the world...

Sunday 29 Oct, 2017


  • BAFA Men's Tournament - October

  • +
And we are back for the first tournament of the season! Dust out your competitive boots and gather your friends for a...

Sunday 22 Oct, 2017


  • BAFA October MIXTOrneo

  • +
With the arrival of the beautiful weather, we are back with one of BAFA's favorite events - the MIXTOrneo! This...

Sunday 4 Jun, 2017

3:00-8:00 p.m.


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Less than a month until the NINTH edition of the BAFA CUP OF NATIONS kicks off!  Our most anticipated tournament of...

Wednesday 31 May, 2017

  • Got Game Tickets?

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Every week we choose the best games to help you see the amazing environments from inside the stadiums in the Primera...

Sunday 30 Apr, 2017

1:30 to 5

  • BAFA Men's Tournament April

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Hey guys! Talk to your friends, co-workers or that one guy you played with who plays with magic feet and get...

Sunday 23 Apr, 2017

1:30 to 5 p.m.

  • BAFA MIXTOrneo April

  • +
BAFA GUYS AND GALS! Let's get it going with the next BAFA MIXTOrneo of 2017!  Don't know what our...

Friday 21 Apr, 2017

10:00 p.m.

  • BAFA Friends and Family Night

  • +
Hello BAFAmily! So much to celebrate! 1. We love you guys a lot and want to spend a super night with our...

Sunday 12 Mar, 2017

12 pm to 5 pm

  • Men's Torneo March 2017

  • +
The next men's tournament of 2017 is here! Come spend the day with expats and locals alike, and maybe take home...
BAFA MIXTOrneo March 2017

Sunday 5 Mar, 2017

2-6 pm

  • BAFA MIXTOrneo

  • +
THE FIRST MIXTORNEO OF THE YEAR IS HERE! Get together the guys and gals to compete and enjoy an afternoon on the...

Sunday 29 Jan, 2017

1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

  • Men's Summer Tournament

  • +
Start 2017 with BAFA and the first tournament of the year! Here at BAFA, we are wishing you a happy 2017 and want to...

Thursday 8 Dec, 2016


  • Anne's Despedida

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Dear BAFA friends, On Sunday December 11th, I will be saying farewell to Buenos Aires after 9 great years. To say...

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